2021 Hamfest

2021 Hamfest (not possible again)

It started with a good idea but COVID wins again.  Unfortunately due to possible COVID rules that may apply when our 2021 Hamfest is scheduled (17th July), GGREC finds that it is better to cancel the 2021 event rather than string people along in the hope that all will be ok.  We certainly tried, with a few tables being booked and hall hire contemplated, but there is too much unknown to adequately give attendees correct information. Hopefully, we can try again in 2022 and will keep everyone informed of our progress.  GGREC would like to thank those who supported our attempt at this year's event and hope that everyone follows the progress for 2022.  For more information, please email committee(AT)ggrec.org.au"

Please visit this page occasionally to keep up with the latest information regarding the 2021 GGREC Hamfest.



For table bookings, please contact our  Hamfest table coordinator by emailing committee(AT)ggrec.org.au

Tables 39 and 40 are the same size as the other tables this plan is not to scale, please use <ctrl> F5 to force an update on the page to see the current table bookings