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  President's Notes
Chris VK3QB I can't wait for the final report about our Hamfest. With numbers down a little on last year, we seem to have come out with a healthy surplus again. Thank you again to all our members that turned up to help and also congratulations to the door prize winners. We are very lucky to have Altronics and PK look Antennas as sponsors and assistance from Rockby Electronics. I acknowledge that holding a Hamfest is getting harder and harder for some of us but I hope we can energise ourselves for this once a year event.
     More in the August edition of the magazine.  

JOTA/JOTI is coming up next on the Club calendar. Let's hope that the propagation is kind to us this year as we have been promised a greater participation rate from the Guides and Guides from the surrounding areas.
     More in the August edition of the magazine.  

  I get high ...
About 5 years ago I found myself up an 8 metre ladder to trim a dodgy branch on an ancient Cypress tree. I had carefully roped this fibreglass ladder to the branch near the cut off point. After cutting about halfway through, the tree decide to do a running horizontal split all the way to the trunk, immensely tightening the rope which mostly severed one side of thel adder. It got complicated very quickly, as the ladder pivoted around the remaining side and the 300mm thick branch slowly surrendered its weight to gravity around me.
     More in the August edition of the magazine.  

  VK UHF band temporarily changed
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has reminded that as part of the re-planning activities for the 400 MHz band, it has made 442.5 - 444 MHz and 446.5 - 448 MHz temporarily available to the Land Mobile Service. More info here .
     More in the August edition of the magazine.  

 An Introduction
The Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club Inc. (GGREC) is a group of amateur radio operators and electronics enthusiasts who promote all aspects of hobby telecommunications, computers and electronics.

General meetings commence at 8pm on the third Friday of every month at the Guide Hall which is located behind the Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre, Grant Street off the Frankston/Cranbourne road in Cranbourne (Mel. Map 133, J6), in the State of Victoria, Australia.

On the first Friday of every month the club holds a Prac Night at the Club Shack, where members meet, socialize and participate in practical projects.

Come along on a meeting night and speak to any of our Committee as they will be able to help with any questions that you may have.

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